venerdì 2 novembre 2018

Dahl con polpettine di agnello e cavolo riccio croccante - Dahl with Lamb Boulettes and Crispy Kale

Dahl is one of my favourite dish in the cold season. I prepare it at least once a week, as it is quick, healthy, tasty, comforting  and so versatile that I can always serve it in different variations. Today, I combine my dahl with mini-boulettes of minced lamb and I finish it with crispy kale. Three dishes - dahl, boulettes and crispy kale - in one-course meal to share with family and friends. If you prepare and cook the boulettes and the kale while the dahl is simmering, it will take no longer than half an hour to have your meal ready. It is just a question of organisation.