giovedì 24 novembre 2016

Torta polenta e arance - Polenta and Orange Cake

I like the polenta cake crunchy and moist and it took me a while to make the right one. I prepared it yesterday for few friends and nothing was left for today. What a pity, it is so good also on the next day!

mercoledì 16 novembre 2016

Gnocchi di pane - Bread Gnocchi

Bread should never be thrown away. Stale bread can quickly be recycled as breadcrumbs and crostini, or could become an inspirational ingredient for many dishes, such as soups, gnocchi and cakes. 

martedì 8 novembre 2016

Gnocchi di polenta - Polenta Gnocchi

Nothing is wasted in the 'cucina povera' and the leftovers are often transformed into a new dish.
Last summer, in a tiny restaurant up in the Alps, I tasted delicious gnocchi made out of polenta leftovers. The chef gave me some useful hints, but I had to sort the recipe out.