lunedì 28 dicembre 2015

venerdì 18 dicembre 2015

Canederli in brodo – Bread Dumplings in Broth

Christmas for me means the Swiss Alps with my family and hopefully with plenty of snow. Once there, I enjoy preparing the local dishes I have enjoyed since I was a child. Canederli is one of my favourites. 

venerdì 11 dicembre 2015

Insalata d’inverno con salmone – Winter Salad with Salmon

Fennel and fish is one of the happiest winter marriages. 
Here I combine the fresh and crunchy fennel with the delicate salmon in a festive salad. Spinach leaves give colour, whereas the pomegranate enhances both the crunchiness and the sweetness of the main ingredients.
Tip: the Dijon mustard is the essential binding for the vinaigrette. Do not miss it out. Details are so important in simple dishes.

giovedì 10 dicembre 2015


This is a well-known Austrian tart, named after the town of Linz. Similar but softer (yeast is added to the dough) than the Italian crostata with jam, the Linzer torte is a perfect festive recipe, which infuses the home with its cinnamon and ground clove aroma. 

lunedì 7 dicembre 2015

Petti di pollo alla senape con verdure d’inverno - Chicken Breasts with Winter Vegetables

Seasonal dishes are my daily treat and since I can find fennels in London, my life has changed in better. Fennel has a strong personality which would give a twist to any dish. Here I prepare a winter salad adding fennel to carrot and onion and topping it with chicken breasts dressed with mustard. 

mercoledì 2 dicembre 2015

Zuppa d’orzo e lenticchie – Pearl Barley and Lentil Soup

This is my midweek soup, which could last until Friday for my husband and I. We do not get bored as it improves and changes in consistency and flavour every day. 
The combination of pearl barley, lentils and pancetta transforms the dish into a rich comfort food meal. 
Savoy cabbage and leek are essential to sweeten this winter dish.