sabato 30 aprile 2016

Parmigiana di melanzane a modo mio - My Aubergine Parmigiana

Parmigiana di melanzane is the perfect vegetarian main course to share with family and friends. It's not a last-minute dish but it can be prepared in advance and it is always delicious. Especially in the sunny season, when aubergines and tomatoes are ripe and sweet.
In my Parmigiana, I make few changes to the original recipe from Naples.

lunedì 25 aprile 2016

Torta di riso al caramello - Rice and Caramel Pudding

This recipe is one of Maura's many legacies. Maura was a Tuscan lady who helped my grandmother and my aunt in the kitchen for almost 50 years.
She was a natural chef, who never wrote her recipes on paper, but just cooked them from memory: no measures, no cooking times and temperatures. When Maura died last year, we decided to keep her best dishes alive by writing them down. To do so, we could only rely on our memory, recalling her advices and the tastes and textures of her dishes. 

giovedì 7 aprile 2016

Insalata di fine inverno con bulgur e limone - End of Winter Salad with Bulgur and Lemon

Bulgur is a legacy from my dearest Lebanese friend Claude, who left for Boston last year.
9 years ago, when we started running Libaliano - Lebanese and Italian cooking courses - in London, I immediately introduced bulgur in my cuisine. Easy to cook and to combine with any pulses and vegetables, bulgur soon became an essential ingredient I always have in my pantry.

domenica 3 aprile 2016

Crostata ricotta e arance - Orange and Ricotta Tart

I enjoy recipes that speak about friendship: they keep alive the pleasure of sharing.
My friend Carla gave me this recipe long ago. So light, delicate and easy to prepare that it soon became my favourite tart. I often made it at home, I gave the recipes to my friends and taught how to prepare it in the cooking courses I have been running with Carla in Richmond for years. 
Then, I stopped, as I switched into new ideas.